About Moving Mountains.

Moving Mountains is an Australian owned brand that is all about Mountains! Real mountains and metaphorical "life" mountains. This company was created to try help spread support and awareness for some of the big issues.

- Homelessness
- Mental health (depression and anxiety)
20% of the profits are donated directly to organizations that further help support these causes.

Moving Mountains is symbolic to the idea that there are many mountains (struggles) in life that we have to overcome and move. No matter how heavy, we can push forward and move it. 
We are more than just a clothing brand or a logo. We are a community that supports happiness for one another and each ones journey.

Our products are more then just a product, its a symbol to help spread awareness and shine light on some hard-hitting problems. Its also a happy reminder for all the mountains you have already overcome. Its a symbol of Unity and love.

Our goal is to help the homeless and animal shelters around Australia by donating 20% of all profits to foundations that support the same cause.
So when you purchase your product, wear it with pride and spread the word. Know that your purchase is also helping a great cause!
If you have always wanted to help those in need, now is the time to help make a difference and represent our brand.
With your help, we can move mountains together.